Sunday, March 2, 2008

Eloisa Garcia Tamez & Peter Schey, Federal Court, February 7 2008, Brownsville, Texas

Indigenous women's sensibility of collective versus 'individual' is an ongoing educational campaign in the struggle of Lipan Apache women of El Calaboz, Lower Rio Grande, MX-US border region.

Dr. Eloisa Garcia Tamez firmly positions indigneous women's concepts of land, community, collectivity, ancestral relations to land as first people, and the obstacles that the United States government puts in the pathways of indigenous livelihoods, ecologies, cultural rights and human rights to live on their lands, in their aboriginal territories. She repeats her sustained message, in the clip linked below.

"This is not for personal gain. The sole reason ... is for my children, my
grandchildren and for the children and grandchildren and the future generations
of all Americans