Sunday, April 20, 2008

Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law, Eloisa Garcia Tamez and Margo Tamez Call on Indigenous & Environmental Experts To Weigh in on Survey


The Government plans to have a Border Patrol agent and two environmental engineers visit Dr. Eloisa Tamez’s property in El Calaboz, Texas, for a preliminary environmental assessment on Tuesday at 1 PM.

If possible, it would be very helpful if a small team of experts could be assembled including one or more experts on (1) border environmental issues, (2) cultural / indigenous issues, and (3) land value issues (including easements). This team will be crucial not only to assist property owners during these initial stages of surveying border properties, but even more importantly when in a few months the Government starts to condemn land permanently mainly in AZ and Texas to build a border wall. Formulating an expert border team is critically important.

Please circulate this email to anyone with expertise who may be interested. Academics, please circulate to your listservs. Experts interested in helping, please email me your resume and a couple of sentences about your interest.

If any experts may be available to be at Dr. Tamez’s land in El Calaboz on Tuesday at 1 PM, please email Eloisa Tamez , Margo Tamez and Thanks.

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Peter A. Schey
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Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law
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kjk4Peace said...

Fellow Citizens: Let us come together in a historic showing we firmly oppose arm chair take over of our community life, our lands and our will to live free and independent lives. Cruel acts forced on us by narrow minded leaders must be non-violently challenged through the use of peacemaking and face to face negotiation with those who come forth with the intent to disregard the Guadalupe-Hidalgo Treaty and life as it has been lived for centuries.

Sudden change pursuant to ill-thought out views can only have negative outcomes that is not for humankind. We react with love and warm regard for our country and our neighbors throughout this Hemisphere and around the world. We believe by working one with another no differences can not be so great as to build walls that end up separating us and causing more and more harm.

We profess to be peace loving human beings who ask and asked for the law and constitutional rights of our democratic Republic to be adhered to and upheld in the face of leaders who have gone overboard and who seek to mismanage our environment, our economy, our views on education and our system for living our daily lives in harmony one with another.

I support the land owners rights to assemble and speak against harm being forced upon those who live near the Mexico-US and US-Canada Borders and we ask all government representatives to meet with us, not solely Homeland Security workers led by poorly informed personnel. Beyond our demand for a Town Hall Meeting and a Call for a Referendum respecting 1763 Land Grant rights, US constitutional rights, Guadalupe-Hidalgo Treaty Rights and for fair and reasonable negotiations under them and the Federal Court considerations that have come forth and those which are yet to be considered.

I am intent upon speaking at the El Calaboz Colonia meeting Tuesday, April 22, 2008 and ask that all who will join in be fully respected regardless of whether they utter what is on their hearts and in their minds. It is time that our Government abide by the will of the people at the local community level.

Kenneth Koym said...

I'm Psychotherapist Kenneth Koym
Let me reiterate, let us support the call of Eloisa, Margo and other Lipan Apache Women in Defense of Tough Government Personnel who threaten them with actions designed to set aside a 300-year old land Grant that existed before our country was founded in 1776.