Monday, September 15, 2008

'Speak Out'--The Importance of Cultural Survival & Restoration

The grandmothers and women relations have traditionally and historically been the center of Nde' culture all along the Rio Grande River, Lower Rio Grande and Upper Rio Grande (Big Bend). Elders continue to stay strong today, and they remind us about the centrality of our ancient and enduring culture in our lands, and the violent methods used to remove us from our aboriginal places. Young people of the region are 'waking up' and this short film is a beautiful example of that important conversation between the generations. Watch this important video, and share the message. This is Loreen Marin.


teresa said...

Da' nzhQ'
I am trying to learn Lipan-Jicarilla Apache (no Lipan text books or tapes) from afar. It would be great if there could be an online group with voice to practice with a fluent speaker. I have a friend who does a Lakota group online.
Also, I contacted a man in Santa Barbara who is suppose to be conducting a Lipan Apache Language revitalization program from a grant. No reply.

Lipan Apache (El Calaboz) Community Defense said...

Thank you for your comment regarding language revitalization. I also hope that our Nde people will use this technology to bridge the gaps in our language usage!
Margo Tamez